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Harmless Self-Destruction
Most days I spend
Adrift inside the emptiness
Behind my eyelids
Floating through slow-mo
Waves of apathetic detachment
At peace with everything
Drifting around me
Time and space drifts about me
Looking and seeing
Things everywhere and nowhere
Everything or nothing
Makes no difference to me now
Here in my purgatory cells
The hollows of my eyes
Empty, but alive for now
Idyllic? Yes
This state of decaying
Stress and without worry
For if nothing touches me
Nothing matters immediately
My immediate surroundings
Swirl by, like stars in the sky
Like a star am I
I sit atop a mountain of mine
Built with lethargy and made
Into a monument to my slothful
I sincerely misremember
Why I'm to care for
Body, mentality, reality
All ephemeral really
Dead to everything
One with nothing
Blessed be me
Saint and martyr for living
Life despondent and devoid
Of the meaning people make up
For them and theirs
I have me and mine
Mountain of despair
Despair in the sense of no cares
Abandoned attachment to
:iconabyssafire:AbyssAfire 9 6
If Truth had a tongue

If Truth had a tongue
All your armies, all your men
All your hate, against a pen
Struggling poet
Broken words
Cold still coffee
Broken birds  
Against a boy- stone in hand
Tightening hands on rubber band
In his eyes see brightening hope
To strengthen (still) the breaking rope
Of justice, rights and human love
As airplanes hover up above
And I wonder, hands are shaking
Faith is crumbling, words are breaking
Torn up hope and spirits broken,
Muting people when words are spoken,
Time is racing against a pen,
And I wonder once again,
Who is weak, and who is strong?
Who is right, and who is wrong?
And I wish, whilst blood is dripping
Chains are beating, whips are whipping
See the image- bleeding men
Hear the clock chime- broken pen
Again I wonder and I wish
If only the truth had words to speak
Words to tell when days are bleak
Peace to sp
:iconsorcererwithapen:SorcererWithAPen 158 24
Beneath the serpent's fang
Unnerving thoughts race with
great speed inside this cranium. Ricocheting back and forth against
the grey matter painted walls they
are encased in.
Extorting cracks to erupt on
great wings of disparity.
These dilated crags still grip the
bars of sight in desperate frailty.
They are cursed by an offensive
scene whose animation is profane.
This armor, worn and torn.
Bruised by war's asperity.
Unrighteously, I play death's
melody with a nefarious instrument, expelling bullets mingled with wasted souls which groan and moan with timeless enmity against me.
Upon the skull pile, my boot rests.
O how unlucky I am to be
the Reaper's scythe.
To fornicate with a fate that is deathless.
Helmets busted from close proximity explosions.
Dust clogs my lungs like old machinery backed up with bones and excessively rusted cogs.
These cuts are opened floodgates.
They warrant an escape for this
blood, polluted by the fumes of strife.
Wretchedly marinating this earth.
Seeping and flowing richly like
:iconblakehargrave:BlakeHargrave 30 30



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